Elevate Your Home’s Comfort and Efficiency with Energy Exteriors NW

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Are you tired of high utility bills and a home that doesn’t quite feel comfortable year-round? It might be time to consider a professional energy assessment, coupled with the expertise of Energy Exteriors NW. Together, these resources can transform your living space into an efficient, cozy haven.

What is a Professional Energy Assessment?

A professional energy assessment provides a detailed examination of how your home consumes energy. An expert will inspect your residence room-by-room and review past utility bills to identify where you can cut costs and enhance comfort.

Finding the Right Energy Assessor

To locate a reputable energy assessor:

  • Check with state or local government offices or your utility provider for recommendations.
  • Explore directories like the Residential Energy Services Network or the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score program.
  • Ensure the auditor is certified through credible programs recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy, such as those offered by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Engineers (ASHRAE) or The Building Performance Institute.
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How Can Energy Exteriors NW Help Post-Assessment?

Once you have your home’s energy audit report in hand, it’s time to make informed upgrades. That’s where Energy Exteriors NW steps in:

  1. Window Replacements: Upgrade to high-performance windows that maintain indoor temperature effectively, lowering heating and cooling costs.
  2. Door Replacements: Whether it’s entry doors or patio doors, ensuring they are well-insulated prevents air leaks and enhances security.
  3. Siding Solutions: Proper siding not only boosts curb appeal but also plays a critical role in insulation and moisture protection.

Each upgrade contributes significantly toward reducing overall energy consumption while improving the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Preparing for Your Audit

Before your scheduled audit:

  • Compile a list of any existing issues like drafts or condensation.
  • Gather recent energy bills for analysis.
  • Reflect on household habits that could impact energy use such as thermostat settings and occupancy during various times of day.

The auditor will likely conduct tests including blower door tests to detect air leaks and thermographic scans to identify areas lacking insulation.

Implementing Recommendations with Precision

Post-audit recommendations might include sealing air leaks, adding insulation, upgrading appliances to ENERGY STAR® models, or even more comprehensive solutions depending on your specific needs. Here at Energy Exteriors NW, we ensure these implementations are done meticulously using top-quality materials combined with our expert craftsmanship since 2014.

Choosing us means opting for:

  • A licensed, bonded, insured team committed to excellence.
  • Competitive pricing paired with flexible financing options.
  • Comprehensive warranties that give peace of mind about your investment in home improvements.

Boost Your Home Value & Enjoy Enhanced Comfort

Not only does enhancing your home’s efficiency help in cost savings but it significantly raises property value—a win-win! So why wait? Contact Energy Exteriors NW today at [contact information], visit our office in Bothell WA., or check out our website at [website URL] for more details on how we can assist you post-energy assessment towards creating a healthier home environment tailored just for you!

By addressing both the need for an accurate understanding via professional audits and providing superior installation services from trusted contractors like us at Energy Exteriors NW, homeowners can finally achieve an optimal balance between saving money and living comfortably.