You do not need to be present during installation. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Coordination of key for access needs to be arranged the day before start date.

Despite all efforts to maintain safety standards, construction and remodeling job sites can be dangerous. Children and pets are NEVER permitted to be on the worksite and should be kept in a safe location throughout the entire installation process. For the safety of all concerned, we strongly encourage you to limit outdoor access while our crews are present.

Due to the regulations of Labor & Industries, all crew and company personnel are required to wear shoes inside and out throughout the installation and construction process. This is a firm policy. Should you wish to have your flooring more protected, shoe covers and drop clothes are available to be utilized in work areas at no additional fees.

We install in all weather conditions except for during snow or thunder/lightning storms.

Re-installation is NOT included, however, if brackets need to be removed to complete installation, then our crew will help reinstall those brackets.

Our team will always extend the utmost care for your grounds and landscaping as we are working, but damage may occur while carrying or lifting windows into place or securing the footing of our equipment. We waive all responsibility for damage to plants or landscaping and advise that any plants you are concerned about are moved or properly protected.

Energy Exteriors NW does not provide any painting, staining or sheetrock texture services. Touch up patching and painting may be needed at the end of the project.

Any applied caulking must not be touched or painted for 24 hours following installation, so please refrain from touching any of those areas throughout that time-period.

A Punch List is simply a list of anything that you see as outstanding or needing to be addressed after we have left the job site. Your punchlist is due within 7 calendar days of our project completion. This is an investment we want you to love for many years to come and we are proud of the work we do. So, please create a list of anything that you see as needing attention and we will do everything we can to make it right for you!