Transform Your Home with Energy Exteriors NW: The Smart Way to Enhance Comfort and Value

Transform Your Home with Energy Exteriors NW: The Smart Way to Enhance Comfort and Value

Energy Exteriors NW is not just about making your home look good; we’re here to make it work smarter for you. Let’s talk about how window attachments can be a game-changer for your energy bills and overall comfort.

Why Choose Energy-Efficient Window Attachments?

Did you know that up to 30% of heating energy can slip right out through your windows? During those sizzling summer days, around 76% of sunlight beams straight through standard glass only to crank up the heat indoors.

That’s where window coverings come in—to keep that precious warmth inside when it’s cold out and block out the heat when you’re trying to stay cool. Depending on what type you go for, these handy additions can help control temperatures year-round while trimming down those pesky energy bills.

Key Perks of Window Attachments:

  • Boosted cozy vibes by controlling daylight.
  • Savings on energy costs.
  • A shield against drafts near windows.
  • Enhanced privacy.
  • Better temperature regulation throughout the seasons.
  • Reduced nighttime heat loss in colder months.
  • Lowered solar heat gain during hot spells.

When scouting for window attachments, keep an eye out for products sporting an AERC (Attachments Energy Rating Council) rating—it means they’ve passed strict tests proving their efficiency chops.

Types of Window Add-Ons That Shine:

Think interior blinds that give you control over light and warmth or exterior shades keeping summer heat at bay. Dreaming about automated coverings? Those are perfect for hard-to-reach spots or just adding a touch of convenience.

And let’s not forget storm windows with low-e coatings—they’re like thermal armor for your house!

But why stop at windows? We believe doors deserve some love too—that’s why our door replacements offer more than just curb appeal; they’re built to enhance insulation as well.

Our siding solutions seal the deal by protecting against weather whiplash whilst improving your home’s efficiency even further.

So what makes us stand out?

  • Local roots with award-winning service since 2014!
  • Financing options so budget won’t block your path to improvement.
  • Expertise that extends beyond installation—we empower with knowledge!

Smart choices lead to smart savings—and who better than Energy Exteriors NW as your partner in this journey.