Building Together: Energy Exteriors NW Returns to Support Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build

Building Together: Energy Exteriors NW Returns to Support Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build

We’re not just about upgrading homes; we’re about building communities. That’s why we were thrilled to roll up our sleeves and join Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County for the much-anticipated return of Women Build. After three years, we renewed our commitment as proud sponsors, eager to make a difference in the Bayside project in Everett.

The Bayside project isn’t just any renovation—it’s a beacon of hope and transformation. We had the incredible opportunity to work on the foundation of an original house set for a complete makeover, plus an exciting new addition at the back. It was hands-on work that laid the groundwork for what will soon become someone’s dream home.

Our team at Energy Exteriors NW is passionate about quality craftsmanship, but beyond that, we care deeply about supporting initiatives that empower individuals and enrich our neighborhoods. Participating in Women Build was more than just another day on the job—it was a chance to connect with like-minded volunteers committed to creating positive change through hard work and dedication.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to return over the coming months—this time bringing our expertise in siding, windows, and doors into play. As specialists known for enhancing homes’ structural integrity and energy efficiency since 2014, we can’t wait to contribute our signature superior workmanship to this meaningful project.

The journey doesn’t end here; it’s just beginning! Our mission extends beyond individual service excellence—we are deeply invested in uplifting whole communities by ensuring each home not only looks its best but also serves as a sanctuary for its residents.

Stay tuned as we continue partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County because together, brick by brick or window by window—we are building more than houses; we are crafting legacies of hope!

For updates on this heartwarming venture or if you’re considering enhancing your own home’s appeal while boosting energy efficiency with top-notch windows or doors installation—or perhaps refreshing your exterior with new siding—reach out to us at Energy Exteriors NW. With every project big or small—your satisfaction is always built-in!

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