Stay Warm and Save Energy with Energy Exteriors NW

As winter wraps its chilly fingers around Snohomish and King County, keeping your home cozy without breaking the bank is on everyone’s mind. The cold weather outside shouldn’t dictate the temperatures inside your home.

Say Goodbye to Drafty Windows

Old or poorly insulated windows are one of the main culprits when it comes to heat loss in your house. Think of them like a sieve that lets warm air escape and cold air sneak in. But don’t worry – Energy Exteriors NW has got you covered! Our energy-efficient window replacements are designed to keep the heat where it belongs: indoors.

Choosing our vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum windows not only boosts your home’s warmth but also cuts down on heating costs.

Doors That Shut Out the Cold

Doors aren’t just for welcoming guests; they should also say a firm ‘no thanks’ to cold drafts. If you feel a breeze sneaking in from under your door, it’s time for an upgrade! With our selection of sturdy fiberglass, wood, and steel doors—including stylish entry doors or patio doors—you can trust that the warmth stays put while the cold is kept at bay.

Siding That Shields Your Home

Siding does more than make your house look pretty; it acts as a shield against the elements. Old or damaged siding can lead to higher heating costs and even let moisture seep into your walls (hello mold!). Don’t let this be you! Our variety of top-notch vinyl, fiber cement, and cedar siding options will fortify your fortress against anything Mother Nature throws at it.

The Extra Perks?

When you choose Energy Exteriors NW:

  • You’re choosing award-winning service recognized for excellence.
  • You’re opting for experienced installers who know their craft.
  • You’re supporting a locally-owned business that cares deeply about our community.
  • And best yet? We offer flexible financing options, making these essential upgrades accessible now rather than later.

Ready to Embrace Warmer Days Indoors?

Gone are the days when you dread peeking at those utility bills or worrying about shoddy installation jobs. With Energy Exteriors NW by your side—and superior workmanship since 2014—you’ll have peace of mind knowing every penny spent is enhancing both comfort and value in your beloved home.

Don’t wait until you’re pulling out extra blankets—take control of how warm and inviting your home feels during these frosty months. Contact us today at Energy Exteriors NW, where we improve quality of life one cozy home at a time!

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