Ways to Storm-Proof Your Home

Were you one of the homeowners who experienced wild winds in Western Washington early this month? Did you check your exterior door, windows, and siding for wind damage? They probably have taken an intense beating over the years, so you may need to talk to an exterior door and window replacement expert soon. 

You’ve always known that living in the Washington area makes your home vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Although you’re always safe and cozy inside your home, the structure of your house needs special attention—and sturdy exteriors if you want to ditch the costly repairs. 

8 Ways to Storm-Proof Your Home

1. Install exterior doors built to last. 

Your exterior doors are one of the crucial parts of your home that protect you and make you feel comfortable while indoors. Using sturdy exterior storm doors for your front door, porch, and patio door is ideal. Strong winds can rattle an unstable entry door or blow cold air through openings where the weather seal is weak. Not to mention, fragile exterior doors are also a target for burglars. 

2. The importance of replacement window remodeling.

Another essential consideration to focus on is your windows. 

Are they adequately caulked and sealed? If you feel an icy blast or hear the wind whistle through them when you stand close, it’s time to call your local window replacement experts. Don’t let winter descend before you care for old cracked, broken, or poorly sealed windows. Replacement window remodeling can make all the difference between a cold home with high energy bills and a happy, comfortable internal environment. 

3. Replace your damaged existing siding panels.

Proper siding installation plays a crucial role in protecting the exterior of your home. When wild winds come, exterior siding panels take most of the beating. That is why it’s imperative to choose quality siding specifically manufactured to withstand the extreme weather conditions of your region. 

4. Consider concentrated solar power for power outages.

Blackouts or power outages are a common occurrence during storm season. Solar panels, portable solar batteries, or a hybrid solar energy system are suitable investments. By generating your own electricity with a solar system, you can continue using your electronic devices and maintain water heating even during power outages. Harnessing the energy from the sun can help you make it through an emergency!

5. Secure the roof to withstand the storm. 

Your roofing system is another huge investment that can be a costly repair after a damaging storm. High winds can expose weaknesses and even carry off loose shingles, opening bare wood up to the elements. Having a trusted professional company evaluate your roof before the stormy weather season hits can save you thousands of dollars in the future. 

6. Wind-resistant doors protect your garage. 

Strong winds and flying debris can scratch, buckle, or dent your garage door. Check to see if your garage door is impact or wind-resistant. Wind-resistant doors can withstand gusts as high as 130mph and can even reduce your home insurance costs. 

7. Organize the yard to protect what you value. 

Visually inspect your yard for anything that might blow around when the storm hits and cause damage to your home. Bikes, construction materials, grills, lawn furniture, and propane tanks must be brought inside or secured to keep you and your family safe. 

8. Clogged gutters can lead to costly problems.

During stormy seasons, heavy rains may be expected. It’s a must that the gutters are free of debris to avoid having a pool of water stuck in your rain gutters. When rainwater remains stagnant in your gutters, it will soon find its way into your siding, ceiling, corner posts, and bedroom floor. 

Talking about options, here are the best materials for your home’s exterior doors and windows. 

What Are the Best Materials for Exterior Door and Window Replacement


Among the best materials for an exterior door or window replacement is aluminum—it’s energy efficient, versatile, and easy to maintain. This material is highly durable, secured, and difficult to bend. Aluminum is highly recommended for patio doors, French doors, or sliding doors and can last up to 40 years. There are plenty of options for aluminum window replacement—sliding, single or double-hung, awning, casement, bay and bow, picture, and even specialty-shaped windows. 


Another best-in-class material for a door or window replacement is fiberglass. This material is highly resistant to corrosion, dents, scratches, and doesn’t warp. Also, fiberglass frames are durable, rigid, stable, and strong—they can withstand freezing or extreme heat temperature. As a result, whether it’s summer or winter, staying inside your home during these seasons will feel extremely comfortable.


Exterior windows or prehung exterior doors made of vinyl are popular among homeowners because they offer excellent insulating capabilities. They are also low-maintenance and remain primarily scratch-free. You don’t need to repaint or stain vinyl doors and windows—cleaning them with soapy water is already enough.

Vinyl windows have various options for color and style. And because most window sizes vary, you may ask for custom-made vinyl windows.


The most popular material for exterior doors and windows is wood. When you choose wood, you find it easy to match your exterior with the character and the overall feel of your home just by repainting or staining wooden doors and windows. Not only are wood materials extremely energy-efficient, but they are highly durable and will last a lifetime with proper care. This means you will enjoy huge savings on maintenance costs for a long time. 

Wood-clad window replacements 

A great alternative to wooden windows is wood-clad materials. They have all-wood frames with either vinyl or aluminum exteriors. When you choose wood-clad windows, you get the same durability as wooden windows—with no need for exterior maintenance. 

The Bottom line

Your home exterior needs as much attention as your interior. Pay attention to investing in superior quality exterior doors and windows that are durable and energy efficient. You never know when the next stormy night or wild windstorm will come. It’s always best to contact reputable window and door specialists near you to book an in-home consultation today. 

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